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GAM & Marta Consulting

Grand Aurum Marketing in association with Marta Consulting specialize in hosting industry specific executive congresses and forums.
The Events target Executives in Fortune 500 companies and provide a unique and exclusive sales-driven environment.
Our congresses and forums are designed to offer a focused approach to business, where corporate buyers and solution providers meet in a one -to-one setting.
Our corporate head quarter is located in the prestigious Media City in Dubai and we have operations and sales offices in Lebanon.

What we do ?


Grand Aurum Marketing in association with Marta Consulting produce, host, and sell exclusive industry specific Executives Congresses throughout the world. By combining the best elements of a conference, exhibition and dynamic networking, we maximize deal making and knowledge sharing opportunities for each of our clients. Congress’s topics are extensively researched and come from various industries.

Unlike trade shows and expos, our executive congresses and forums are not designed for marketing and branding purposes. Instead, we focus on “shortening the sales process”.

By properly selecting the best corporate buyers in each industry and inviting the top solution providers in the world, we create an environment conductive to generating business. Our corporate buyers for each industry are selected based on three criteria:

- They have to send the ultimate decision maker within their organization for all matters related to the subject of the event.
- They have to guarantee that they have a certain annual budget to spend on the subject of the event.
- They have to be actively looking for new partners.


FORUMS are a focused approach to selling complicated solutions where the sales pitch is geared much more towards knowledge sharing and case studies in a peer-to-peer approach that can be very effective. Forums are smaller in size and the event is more exclusive.

They are an ideal platform for High End niche markets where the sales approach requires a high degree of knowledge and expertise