The Region of Murcia is a destination full of contrasts, where everything is close at hand & easily accessible. It is located in south-eastern Spain; it offers almost 250km of coastline & an astonishing variety of landscapes. In the Region of Murcia, you will find infinite ways of experiencing its coast, its mountains, its culture, its sports, its tranquillity…

Here you can enjoy a Mediterranean climate of a semi-arid type, with mild winters, warm summers and an average annual temperature of 18°C.

Best of the Region of Murcia

In the Region of Murcia there are endless beaches to be conquered with your beach umbrella. Come and discover the Costa Cálida -Warm Coast-, a land brimming with possibilities and that embraces the shores of two seas: the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean.

With so much sea, beaches for all tastes are only to be expected, from the long, white sandy beaches of La Manga to the tranquil waters of the beaches in Mar Menor. The coastline is more abrupt in the districts of Mazarrón, Lorca &
Águilas, with unspoilt coves & rocky headlands alternating with excellent fine sandy beaches.

The Region of Murcia is one of Europe’s new golf destinations where enthusiasts and professional golfers can play on 21 top quality courses in a radius of 50Km.

Enjoy a relaxing time spending a few days in one of the centres of health and beauty in the Region of Murcia at any time of the year.


Thermal Mineral Spas or Thermal Baths
. They offer modern installations, hotels which are perfectly equipped for any needs, open air swimming pools with thermal waters, sports facilities & exclusive medical assistance.

Thalassotherapy Centres. In the Mar Menor, the waters have high levels of salt and are ideal for the treatment of different illnesses.Spas. In these hydrotherapy centers water is used as the main element for treatments.

Spas. In these hidrotherapy centers water is used as the main element in their treatments.

In the Region of Murcia you can practice climbing, orientation activities, hiking and paragliding in diverse and attractive environments and natural parks.

Those who prefer water sport activities should not forget that the Region of Murcia has more than 250 kilometres of coastline and two seas with first class resorts. Mild temperatures allow tourists the practice of different sports such as sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing or kayaking.

To enjoy fresh air, visit the inland of the Region of Murcia. Discover the legacy of the North-West, the Moorish charm of the Ricote Valley, the flavour of the designated origin wines from the North-East and active tourism in the Sierra Espuña.

Knowing somewhere is not just about having been there, it is about getting to know its history, its crafts, its famous people, its cuisine, its traditions…

You could take a stroll around the capital, Murcia, the city of eternal spring; get to know Cartagena, a city with a history going back more than 3000 years; travel back in time in Lorca; or visit one of just five cities in the world with the privilege of holding a Perpetual Jubilee Year, Caravaca de la Cruz. The choice is yours.



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